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long update

Well lets get you all up to speed.

I turned 30 back in April. *Groans* But honestly it wasnt as bad I as I thought it would, failing health and all. We had my Old peoples party that was Golden Corral for dinner and then Bingo. Some family came up from TN, and several friends came as well, from LJ alone we had: blookum & her husband dj_sdot orusa13 & his girlfriend, pushmearound & her husband mairondil, and of course my family like my mom and brother. I doubt any one else will ever play bingo with me again.

Matt bought me a car. Its not a new car, but its my car, and it gets me around, sometimes. We have had issues with the gas tank thats why im not out cruising the world this weekend.

I had one of the cysts removed from my breasts this week and I find out on the 20th what it is. Hope its just a cyst, and nothing more. Im on the waiting list for my gallbladder, and my foot, but still no word as to when anything will happen next with that.

I bought pushmearound fish tank that I had been harassing her for, and now I have fish. They are my new joy and constant worry, but damn they are such a stress relief for me. Of all of them I probably enjoy the snails the most.

I think i finally have Matt talked into a second child, but its something that were not going to start trying for till after January of this next year. We will have the cars paid off, and be completely debt free excluding the house and monthly expenses. He paid everything off of his credit report and all outstanding bills, and credit cards, which cut us short this last month, but in the long run we do save money from doing so.

Which brings us to Matts work, he got his old route back(hes a mailman) but his boss had a hysterectomy & quit smoking the week they all went back on their old routes, and so shes a bigger bitch than his last boss who they both have a mutal hate for. They have pretty much cut all overtime so thats another reason he was rushing to get the debts paid in such a short time.

Cash is growing like a weed, and I have already started planning his birthday party because we are now just 4 months away form him being 2. Where in the hell did all this time go? He has a decent size vocabulary, he can say Dad, and all forms of that, Nana, and Ma, and 'ish(fish) and Kit Kak(kitty cat) and 'og(dog) and Eat, and cup(short for get me something to drink woman) hi & bye, and nite nite, and ertle(turtle; which you can find here: www.amazon.com/Cloud-Twilight-Turtle-Constellation-Night/dp/B000BNQC58 and i think every one should have one). He can also say 'hank do(thank you) & 'elcome(welcome). I know there are more, but this is more for my record than anything.

Matts dad has been in and out of the hospital for stuff, and they have put his chemo on hold for a bit, maybe he will get to start back on round 7 next week if he is over the pneumonia.

Thats about it for my "exciting" life. Sorry nothing super juicy, There is some shit with my brother which i will go into more detail about in another entry when im more calm and can talk about with some rational thought.

Hope you all are well, and and special thank you to destinymanifest for her birthday wishes and to let her know that there are some catty bitches over in p101, and to just ignore them, cause I myself have considered leaving that community on several occasions cause of them.

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