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now my throat hurts but i feel better

I just yelled at Matt at the top of my lungs, I was even throwing things I was so fucking mad. I let him know how his excuse of I don't know what I'm doing is no longer tolerable when it comes to Cash. Our son is almost 16 months old if you don't know to take a nice tone as opposed to the asshole tone you just took with him, to him when you first come up on him throwing a fit then you don't deserve for me to talk nice to you either.

Its decided this is the year where I take my life back from him. He never asked it of me or expected it of me, however I changed myself in hopes it would make me a better person, while it changed parts of me that looking back I think would have progressed anyways, I am not who I use to be, and I don't like it.

From what I have found of old me says to you all:

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