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Why are moms such a touchy topic. My mom and I over the years use to not talk. I was fine with it, but since Aunt Leigh shot herself we decided we would never "not talk" to each other again.

Im so disappointed with my mother. Who is now 51. Last year her husband left her, and for a much younger woman. I understand she was devastated. However since she saw it coming months before it happened, and was ok with it then; when push came to shove she was lost, scared and defeated. I felt so sorry for her. Things changed in her, and I saw my grown mother become a childish teenager. She stopped being my mother in the sense of being older and wiser and started doing crap like airing her business on facebook, and calling the police for petty crap.

And then in true my mother fashion. The second she gets a man in her life everything goes to the back burner. She doesnt care about anything. She doesnt want to help with anything. God forbid she act like a grandmother for a moment. My brother could really use some help right now, maybe some guidance, maybe 2 hours child free for a moment. Did he get himself into this situation? Yes. Do you need to ride his ass about it every second of every day? NO! he lives it. He knows what the fuck is going on. Jesus woman, back off.

And I like her boyfriend, dont get me wrong he is a nice guy, and he is nice to her. She says she is happy. But I think she is personally just grabbing at anything she can and holding on for dear life to help her stay afloat. Im glad to see my brother is doing the same thing, but doesnt smear it in everyones face while he is doing it. And frankly mother im doing the same. In some regards we all do. But most people have the common decency to not yell look at me while they do it.
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